Welcome to K9 Komfortz with Kim7!

A warm welcome to K9 Komfortz! Living in a country location with Kim7, surrounded by fields and endless walks to discover we’re Derbyshire-based and absolutely mad about dogs.

Whatever service you choose, we’re totally dedicated to making your dog feel happy and at home.

We offer a specialised service - an alternative to kennels. The difference is your dog will be in the comfort of our home with lots of love and care, giving you peace of mind that your dogs are in safe and reliable hands.

Whatever personality quirks your dog has, they will fit into our home. We introduce all dogs to each other in a managed and timely manner to ensure that all dogs get on - it is so important that they don’t feel threatened or nervous around each other.

Explore our site to see what we can offer you, we look forward to meeting you and your dog(s)!